Puff and Paint Party

  1. Get Stoned. Create Art. 
  2. Smoke. Paint. Laugh.
  3. Paint & Laugh and Have a Good Time 

The Artistic Experience You Never Knew You Needed

When you attend a Puff and Paint Party, you have the opportunity to get as high as you like while creating your own masterpiece. Cannabis often allows users to tap into the deepest, most creative elements of their minds. Therefore, you can expect to have an awesome experience expressing yourself creatively while surrounded by your fellow stoners. 

Cannabis Is Legal, And We’re Loving It!

We’re sure you’ve heard of sip and paint events. Well, when you really think about it, who wants to focus on anything while they’re drunk…? 

Now that cannabis is legal in Illinois, millions of smokers are enjoying cannabis-friendly activities, like painting, without the shame and stigma associated with breaking the law. While Puff and Paint Party does not sell any consumable cannabis products, we do encourage all partygoers to partake and share with one another. 

Since it’s all legal now, there’s no harm in offering your favorite strain to the new friends you make at your first Puff and Paint Party! Since all parties are hosted in private venues and homes, you don’t need to worry about someone barging in and ruining your high either! With Puff and Paint Party, always expect to have a good time while surrounded by good people. 

About Puff and Paint Party 

Puff and Paint Party offers step-by-step painting classes for smokers who want to tap into their creative side. Our instructors are experienced artists who enjoy teaching painting to people of all experience levels. Because they are responsible for guiding your experience, we also ensure that each host is friendly and socially-savvy and prepared to help you build connections with other Puff and Paint Party attendees. 


Puff and Paint Parties are social events that are open to everyone who meets the legally required age to consume cannabis. These events are perfect for friend groups who are looking for a unique sesh environment. 

Invite your favorite friends to partake, bring your favorite strains, and prepare for an exciting atmosphere that can be very inspiring for stoners and casual smokers alike. Puff and Paint Parties are judgment-free zones, so don’t worry if you aren’t the best painter. Your instructor will ensure that, regardless of your skill level, you are able to unleash your inner artist without restraint. 


Painting is a creative form of artistic expression that has been proven to be therapeutic. In fact, studies show that creating art in a social environment can boost self-esteem, delivering a positive impact on your mental health. With these benefits in mind, painting is certain to have a more positive impact on your life than you would have expected!

Our instructors will do their very best to encourage your natural talents and give you the confidence you need to create your very own masterpieces. All paint supplies are included in your class fee and you also get to bring home your 16” x 20” masterpiece on canvas! All you need to decide is what type of party you want to participate in.


In the post-pandemic world, people rarely have time to socialize face-to-face with their friends. Still, socializing is an essential aspect of nurturing real relationships. Puff and Paint Parties will help you reconnect with old friends and meet new people who all have one thing in common — a love for getting high! 

When you sign up for a Puff and Paint Party, you are exposing yourself to new opportunities to bond with other people in a unique environment. Every party allows attendees to have fun, create friendships, and express themselves artistically. Overall, the experience has been described as engaging, exciting, and enjoyable.